“Joining Interreligious efforts Prevention of Harmful Practices in Georgia”.


The Union Century 21 held working meetings with the clergy of the Muslims Department of Georgia from June 30 to July 10 of this year within the scope of the project:  “Joining Interreligious efforts Prevention of Harmful Practices in Georgia”.

The first meeting was held in the city of Batumi, at the office of the Muslims Department of Georgia. The second meeting was conducted at Sunnite Religious Center of the Village of Meore Kesalo, and the third meeting was organized at the Marneuli Mosque with Shiite clergy.

Questions of early marriage, family violence and the role of religious unions in resolution of these problems were reviewed at the meetings. Certain viewpoints on future joint actions in participation of government, religious unions and non-governmental sector were expressed. Importance of increasing awareness of the youth, the role of the family and the public in general in resolution of said problems was stressed.

Meeting participants were provided respective thematic booklets prepared within the frame of the project and posters on Georgian and Azeri Languages.

Organizational details of the conference – The Role of Religion in Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls” to be held on July 11 were discussed. Meeting participants got acquainted with the agenda of the conference and the working version of the announcement to be adopted at the conference.

The project – “Joining Interreligious efforts Prevention of Harmful Practices in Georgia” is implemented by the Union Century 21 with the support of UNFPA, in cooperation of Muslims Department of Georgia and the Interagency Commission working on gender equality and against family violence.

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