The Union Century 21 was founded on December 9, 1998, as non-political, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. It was legally registered by Saburtalo District Court of Tbilisi. The office of the Union Century 21 is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. We carry out our activities within the scope of various programs, projects and initiatives to protect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities. Our organization is involved in regional and international projects together with foreign and local partners. To increase the efficiency and improve results of our activities, we intensely cooperate with respective governmental institutions and agencies. To achieve our goals we conduct international conferences, trainings, debates, and wide-scale educational campaigns. We also make our best efforts to improve religion related legislation of Georgia. The Union Century 21 prepared/translated and published a number of books dealing with human rights, freedom of faith, relationship between the state and the church and other important issues.

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Tamar Aleksidze

Chairmen of the Board

Paata Gachechiladze

Program Director

Nino Shavgulidze


Akaki Samkharadze


David Chikvaidze

Expert / Consultant

Latest News


  On March 20, First of May the Blessed Virgin of the Annunciation Monastery of Saint Tsotne the Confessor’s spiritual and educational center Union “21st Century” organized a meeting of Poti and Khobi Diocese clergy. The meeting was hosted by the Archbishop Grigol. the meeting was attended Khobi municipality district governor Gocha Kajaia, Educates...


In 2014, another Joint Commission – between Georgian Patriarchate and Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Georgia – was established. This commission is coordinated by Union 21st Century and is dedicated to the prospective of mutual exploitation of the 19th century churches located in village Asureti, Tetritskaro province of Georgia and village Trialeti, Tsalka province of Georgia....

‘Religions against Violence’

On November 17, Interreligious Council made decision to support Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs in its ‘No to Violence!’ campaign against Domestic Violence. Leaders of religious organizations developed an action plan in order to execute multiple joint activities: Social awareness video clips will be prepared to be broadcasted on Public Broadcaster and commercial TV...