Inter-Religious Dialogue on Prevention of Violence against Women and Harmful Practices

In 2016, the Union Century 21st, in partnership with UNFPA Country Office in Georgia, organized two forums under the aegis of the Inter-Religious Council to strengthen the support of religious unions in the prevention and elimination of child/early marriage. Within the frameworks of this partnership, in cooperation with the Administration of Muslims of All Georgia,information meetings were organizedfor local Imams and community leaders in Kakheti on prevention of harmful practices of child marriage and female genital mutilation. The Administration of Muslims of All Georgia at the conference in 2017 has adopted a very powerful official Statement, calling Muslim communities to abandon Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation, as harmful to girls, impending well-being of families and communities and having negative impact on the sustainable development of the Country.
The present conference is a continuation of ongoingcollaboration among the Inter-Agency Council on Gender Equality, Violence against Women and Domestic Violence Issues, the Union Century 21 the UNFPA Country Office in Georgia.

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