Human Rights Guide.

“Respect to human rights is the foundation for each civilized and progressive society. This guide is intended for all Georgian law makers to take it to heart” – these are the words by Donald McLaren, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Georgia, from the preface of Human Rights Guide.  


The guide involves basic international and local legislative acts laying foundation to civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights. Specific article or paragraph of appropriate document is indicated for each right. Electronic versions of international conventions, treaties and agreements ratified by the parliament, Constitution and other related laws are attached to the guide.

Georgian legal experts of human rights worked on the guide, which was prepared in cooperation with the Legal Issues Committee of the Parliament of Georgia and under the support of British Embassy in Georgia. On December 10, on Human Rights Day, the guide was distributed at the Parliament of Georgia. The publication was also sent the president and representatives of the government.

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