International Day For Tolerance

On November 16, the Union Century 21st organized a meeting of the Interreligious Council to celebrate the International Day for Tolerance, The meeting was held at the residence of the Patriarchate. The meeting focused on the role of religious communities in promoting tolerance, peace and mutual respect.

At the meeting, Mr. Paata Gachechiladze, Chairman of the board of the union “21st century” introduced to the audience the activities of the organization in the field of interreligious dialogue and cooperation.

The Interreligious Dialogue format has been in operation since 2011 and  coordinated by the 21st Century Union. Currently Council consists of following religious organizations: Georgian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Muslim Union of All Georgia, Armenian Holy Apostolic Church ,Roman Catholic Church, Yezidism in Georgia, Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia, Pentecostal Church of Georgia, Jewish Community in Georgia, Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Georgia.


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